Property & Finance

Property and Finance on Family Breakdown

Financial Settlement on Divorce or Separation

We are able to provide expert advice on the breakdown of you relationship and encourage early settlement which may be recorded in a Court Order made by consent or a separation agreement.

Financial Applications within Divorce

We can represent you as an Applicant or a Respondent to an application for a financial order and are able to provide advice and representation relating to property orders, lump sum orders, pension sharing or off-setting, spousal maintenance and child support.

Property Settlement Following the Breakdown of Unmarried Relationships

The law relating to property where a couple have cohabited is complex, involving complicated trusts issues, and differs from the law relating to married couples.

It is essential that you obtain specialist advice on ownership of property. We are able to provide this and to represent you in a Court application under the Trusts of Land Act if this becomes necessary.

Pre-nuptial Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements

We are able to draft agreements at the commencing of your relationship to regulate division of assets in the event of relationship breakdown.

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